Working With A Concrete Cutting Service To Remove Old Concrete

Posted on: 16 September 2020

Old concrete slabs, walls, or foundations are often difficult to remove without first breaking them up. Slabs and walls that are thick and have steel reinforcement in them are even harder to remove but working with a concrete cutting service can make the job much easier. 

Slab Cutting

Large slabs of concrete are often reinforced with metal rebar or other steel put into the concrete when it is poured. The metal is designed to hold the slab together, so if you are trying to remove the concrete, that reinforcement can become a problem, but there are some ways to make the job easier.

Hiring a concrete cutting service to cut the slab into small sections is one option that can help. The cutting service will use a diamond cutting blade that can cut through the concrete and cut the rebar at the same time. The sections are still going to be heavy and hard to remove, but often a small skid steer loader with some forks on it can get under the sections and move them.

If the slab is exceptionally thick, the concrete cutting service may need to make several passes on each cut to ensure they are getting through the slab. In cases where the slab is too thick for the cutter to get through, scoring the slab and cutting the rebar will allow the use of a jackhammer or heavy equipment to break up the slab more easily. 

Verticle Concrete Cutting

Verticle cutting or wall cutting concrete is particularly tricky and requires some very specific equipment. If you need a hole through a concrete wall for a door, window, or just a pass-through for wiring or plumbing, your best solution is to hire a concrete cutting service to make the cuts for you. 

The concrete saw used for wall cutting is designed with a support system that holds the saw so that the cuts can be made precisely, and the operator does not need to try and support the saw while cutting. In most cases, the saw would be too heavy for the operator to hold up while cutting through the concrete wall. 

A concrete cutting service can make the cuts for you, but it is essential that before you have a concrete wall cut, an engineer should evaluate the cuts to determine if the wall will still be structurally sound after the cuts are made. If the wall is coming down anyway, the cuts can help, but it the wall is to remain, it is essential that the cuts are in the right place and done with the right tools, so the wall is not damaged. 

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