4 Reasons You Shouldn'T Drill Your Own Concrete

Posted on: 19 November 2019

If you have some concrete that you need to cut or drill through, you shouldn't attempt to drill through your own concrete. Even a small drilling project can present potential hazards. If you have a concrete drilling job, no matter how big or how small, you should get professional assistance with the job.

Reason #1: Awareness of Utilities

When it comes to concrete drilling, many amateurs don't consider the possibility of utilities hidden within the concrete. Concrete often hides cables, plumbing pipes, gas lines, and even electrical wires. A professional will know how to check for utility lines, and how to work safely around those utility lines if they are present.

Reason #2: Awareness of Reinforcing Structures

Second, most amateurs are not aware that concrete often hides rebar or other types of steel forms. Rebar and steel forms are used to provide concrete structures with strength and stability. When cutting or drilling through concrete, you must be aware of where any rebar or steel forms are located. This is not something that you may necessarily have a blueprint of.

You need to have a knowledge of concrete and construction to know if and where rebar and steel structures may be used in the concrete so you can avoid them. Hitting a steel or rebar structure with your blade or drill can ruin your tools and result in the creation of dangerous sparks.

A professional will know if there is steel and rebar that needs to be avoided and how to avoid it.

Reason #3: Awareness of Concrete Thickness

Third, not all concrete is the same thickness or consistency. An amateur may assume that all concrete is the same and try to use the same drill or blade throughout the job. A professional will understand that different types of concrete have different consistencies and will adjust the blade they are using based on that fact.

Reason #4: Awareness of Safety Issues

When you cut into concrete, silica dust is often creating through the cutting and drilling process. Silica dust is dangerous. It can get into your lungs and lead to lung cancer and disease. A professional will use the proper safety equipment to protect themselves from silica dust and will know how to minimize the creation of dust on the jobsite and how to safely clean up any silica dust that is created through the drilling process.

If you have a concrete drilling or cutting job you need to be done, call in a professional like one at A & B Concrete Coring Company to help you. A professional will know how to avoid utility lines and reinforced structures as they drill. A professional will know how to create a safe environment and the correct blade or drill to use. They will get the job done effectively and safely, without causing harm to anyone or anything.


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