4 Steps To Use Precast Concrete To Reduce Costs Of Your Next Project

Posted on: 12 July 2018

Precast concrete is a versatile option to use for your next project. It can be used to help reduce completion times and cut costs of both commercial and residential construction projects. Precast concrete can be used as columns, joists, or as floors. Here are some of the different ways that you can use precast concrete materials to cut costs and reduce the time for your next project.

1. Quickly Installing Foundations With Precast Concrete Slabs And Footings

The first step in starting your construction project is the installation of footings and concrete slab foundations. Precast concrete materials can be used to help save time when installing footings and slabs for projects. This can also help reduce time and costs waiting for inspections or the weather to be perfect to pour fresh concrete, which you will not have to do with precast concrete materials.  

2. Structural Supports For Architectural Design With Precast Columns

There are also many structural supports that are needed for architectural designs. Precast concrete materials are an ideal solution to use for columns that are engineered to provide structural support for buildings. These precast concrete columns can be finished with a door decorative design; saving time when you reach the finishing phases of your project.

3. Precast Concrete Joist And Trusses For Floor Systems

Precast concrete materials can also be used as floor joists and trusses, which provide a quick solution for installing floors. The precast concrete trusses and beams are ideal for architectural designs that include large open spaces that cannot be done with conventional construction materials. Lightweight beings and trusses are ideal for creating large open spans; where your imagination is the only limitation of the design of space finished beneath them.

4. Lightweight Precast Concrete Slabs To Use As Sub Flooring Materials

Lightweight precast concrete slabs also have many uses for construction projects. These slabs can be used to complete subfloors over previously installed concrete truss systems, or they can be used as a lightweight solution to quickly finish floors over conventional residential wood construction. This helps to reduce costs and save time. Lightweight precast concrete slabs are ideal for residential apartment and hotel construction projects.

These are some tips that will help reduce the cost of your next project by using precast concrete materials. If you need help planning your next project and cutting costs, contact a precast concrete manufacturer for help with designing some of these materials.  


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