How To Maintain Grout

Posted on: 10 October 2017

Tile surfaces are loved because they can make any room look more unique. Most tile products are extremely durable and long lasting. However, the grout used in between the individual pieces is not. This article explains why and how you need to maintain your grout lines.

Why Grout Lines Are So Important

When it comes to tile surfaces, the grout is usually the most vulnerable part. Grout is basically made out of sand and glue. When it dries, it is very strong, but it is still porous and textured. This means that it needs to be sealed. If a grout line is not sealed, it can be susceptible to water damage and mold formation. This can not only compromise the grout, but it can actually compromise the entire tile surface as well. For instance, if the rot or mold reaches the mortar underneath the tile, it can weaken the hold. Eventually, individual tile pieces can become loose, or the subfloor can become weak. This is major concern if you have wooden sublfoor. The weight of the tile can be a huge problem if the wood becomes waterlogged and rotted out. This is why tile showers and bath basins need to be sealed and maintained more often.

How To Maintain Grout Lines

First of all, you want to take preventative measure when it comes to tile maintenance. Clean off any soap scum or mold forming. Usually, the grout needs more intensive cleaning than the rest of the tile surface. On top of thorough normal cleaning, you need to reseal your grout lines on a regular basis. Most grout sealants suggest that you apply them once a year. But, this time frame can definitely vary. A tile shower will need to have the grout lines resealed more often than a hallway or countertop.

Applying sealant is very easy, but sealants can be a little expensive. First, you need to thoroughly clean the floor, especially the grout lines. The sealant can be poured directly onto the floor and then spread around using rags or sponges. Spread the sealant onto the tiles too, but make sure you don't miss any of the grout lines. The sealant can sit on the grout as it dries. Then, you simply wipe away the dried up film. Now you can apply the next coat of sealant and repeat the steps. Apply two or three coat for ample coverage of your grout lines.

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