Common Questions Concerning Crane Rentals

Posted on: 22 August 2017

When your company is needing the use of a crane for a major project, it can seem as though this will be a major logistical challenge. However, there are providers that can make renting a crane a convenient task. Yet, you will need to have a fairly basic understanding of these services and the rental process for cranes:

Does It Matter What Size Crane You Rent?

Individuals will often find that they are facing a dilemma of having a fairly small space for the project, and this can make placing the crane a more difficult task. As a result, these individuals may find themselves making the mistake of choosing a crane based on the size of the unit. However, it is more practical to choose a crane based on its lift capacity as exceeding this capacity can be remarkably dangerous due to the increased risk of failure. Luckily, there are many high-capacity cranes that are designed to fit in relatively enclosed spaces. Professional crane rental services will be able to discuss your needs and limitations to help pair you with the perfect crane for your needs.

How Will The Crane Be Transported To Your Project Site?

A crane is an extremely large machine, and transporting it to a construction site can be a fairly complex logistical challenge. Not surprisingly, many smaller contracting firms will lack the tools and resources needed to transport these devices. Fortunately, when you rent a crane from a professional provider, they will be able to provide transportation for the crane so that you can avoid the liabilities and expenses that are involved in this task. However, this makes it somewhat important to choose a crane rental service that is fairly close to your project site as this will help to limit the need to pay additional transportation fees.

What Type Of Maintenance Will You Need To Do To Your Rented Crane?

If you are renting a crane for the first time, you might assume that you will have to regularly perform maintenance on these machines during the time that you have them. However, clients of these services will not have to perform any major maintenance on these devices as the rental provider will send technicians to perform this work if your crane needs servicing. Typically, the only maintenance that you will need to do for the crane will be to perform a safety inspection prior to using the crane as this will allow you to discover potential problems before serious safety hazards arise.

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