Concrete Sinking Around Your House? Know How It Can Be Fixed

Posted on: 10 January 2017

Concrete is an affordable and durable material, but it is not impervious to damage. Improper installation techniques, weather, and time can cause concrete to become uneven. Thankfully, you can have uneven concrete repaired, but the method needed will depend on the location of the concrete. Here is how it can be fixed.

Uneven Interior Flooring

Is the concrete floor inside a room of your house uneven? If so, you'll need a concrete compound that is self-leveling to help you get everything even once again. Before doing so, you'll want to verify that an uneven floor isn't being caused by a much bigger problem, like a foundation that is shifting. If so, the root of the problem must be fixed before the floor can be leveled. 

To use a concrete compound that is self-leveling, you'll need to remove everything from the room you are repairing. Clean the flooring well by using a cleaning solution designed specifically for concrete, followed by sanding the floor to scuff it up. This makes the compound easily adhere to the floor.  The compound will have directions on how to mix and apply the compound. After it is dry, the compound can be stained or have another flooring material applied on top of it.

Uneven Outdoor Walkway

Is there a walkway outside your home that is uneven? It could be sinking down because of dirt beneath the walkway eroding away. If you have a walkway that uses multiple sections of concrete blocks that are not connected, this will be easy to fix.

Each concrete block will need to be lifted up to get to the dirt underneath the block. A mixture of dirt and gravel can be used for filling in the soil that has eroded away, and then you should place the block of cement back down on the ground. Your concrete will be raised, and it will look good as new once again.

Uneven Driveway

A driveway can sink because of pressure caused by cars and erosion. This type of job will require a professional to fix the concrete for you. The procedure used is called slabjacking, and it works by spraying a foam that expands under the concrete that is sunken. The foam fills empty areas and gives the concrete more stability. The end result will be a driveway that is level with the surrounding concrete.

A local foundation-repair company can help with any of these problems with uneven foundations.


Getting Bids From Concrete Contractors

After we bought a home that had a large, completely unfinished RV pad, I realized that we needed to do something to fix it up. Instead of leaving it barren and ignoring the weeds, we decided to start getting bids from concrete contractors. We got bids from about ten different companies, and it was really great to hear what they could do for us. This blog is all about getting bids from contractors, knowing how to compare pricing, and avoiding issues with concrete. By taking a few extra steps, you might be able to completely avoid concrete problems and paying more than you should.