Tips To Spruce Up Your Concrete Next Spring

Posted on: 24 October 2016

Winter can wreak havoc on concrete surfaces, like your driveway, paths, and patio. Plan on sprucing up your spaces next spring for a summer filled with outdoor entertaining, lounging, and recreating with some concrete tips. Visit a hardware or home improvement store for supplies or contact a concrete contractor for an efficient and professional job repairing any damage that winter incurs.

Some other tips for refurbishing your concrete surfaces are:

Seal any cracks, gaps, or damage promptly. Keep some concrete sealant on-hand to promptly fill cracks, gaps, and breaks that can occur during winter months. When spring comes, repair these areas and seal the entire surface to add a protective layer that can help concrete be more resilient during spring thaws.

Keep the salt away. Don't use salt on your concrete surfaces this winter to prevent slipping on ice or snow. Instead, use sand or cat litter, which won't harm the porous concrete surface the way that salt does. Avoid using sharp blades or a plow on your concrete areas as this can crack and damage the surface accidentally.

Maintain your concrete. Come spring, plan on having your concrete surfaces cleared and cleaned weekly. Don't allow dirt or debris to conceal what could be damage, which should be resolved imminently. Use a whisk-broom to clear away leaves or turf, which can stain your concrete over time if left untended. Wash the surface with a garden hose, warm water, and if necessary, a mild dishwashing soap; be sure to rinse thoroughly and allow the surface to dry in the sun.

Consider edging with a border. In the spring, consider hiring a contractor to edge and border your entire patio or driveway with pavers, brick, a retaining wall, or another concrete feature. This will prevent spring run-off from settling in and pooling on your concrete, which can seep down and deteriorate the material.

Choose your surfaces wisely. You may be tempted to go with a less-expensive or do-it-yourself surfacing agent, like seal-coat, but avoid the urge. Concrete is an excellent surfacing material, and it is suitable for nearly any climate or region, unlike asphalt or gravel. Enjoy the smooth and stable surface of concrete, which is convenient and functional in any area outside your home.

Take some steps to preserve and protect your concrete this winter, and make some effort to repair and maintain it in the spring. Your concrete is porous so be sure to protect it by resealing every couple of years. Hire a concrete contractor to seal or to repair heavy damage after the long winter.  


Getting Bids From Concrete Contractors

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