Protecting Your Company's Workers When Slab Sawing Is Required Onsite

Posted on: 20 September 2016

If you own a business and need to arrange for part of a concrete surface at the business to be cut out and replaced, having a slab sawing company do the work can be quick. But it can also create additional safety issues for your regular workers if you don't make arrangements ahead of time. Even if the work time will be short, you have to take a few steps to ensure your regular workers don't end up with residual effects from the sawing.

Temporary Office Space

If the work will be done near offices or other workstations, ideally you should make arrangements for people to work elsewhere, away from the noise and the dust. Cutting concrete is a loud, somewhat messy job. You'll still need to clean up after the cutting is done so that workers don't inhale concrete dust when they come back, but simply moving them away from the worksite for the day solves a lot of problems. Note that arranging for the concrete to be manually broken instead of machine cut isn't really a solution as the edges of the broken area would still need to be cut down.


While the work is being done, ensure there is good ventilation in the area (if the cutting is being done indoors in a warehouse- or factory-type environment, this is especially important) so that dust and fumes can exit. Again, you will still need to mop up the area; when you arrange for the sawing, check with the company about whether they'll do any clean up and if so, how much it costs.

Requiring Protective Gear

Any workers who still need to be onsite for whatever reason should be provided hearing protection, safety goggles, and a respirator. Even if the cutting time is short and happening for only one day, that can be enough to harm someone's hearing (short, sharp noises, known as impact noises, can be just as damaging as sustained loud noise) and create potential respiratory and eye-irritation problems. Don't assume because the sawing is being done outdoors or that because it's being done for a short time only that somehow everyone will be OK with being exposed to the work. Concrete saw operators wear protective gear for a reason.

Work out the schedule with the sawing company ahead of time so that you know when to get your employees out of there and what to do after the sawing to make the workplace OK for them to re-enter. Sawing concrete is straightforward, and you just don't want to have any side effects if you can help it. Contact a company like Concrete Coring Company for more info.


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