Why You Need More Concrete In Your Life

Posted on: 24 August 2016

Concrete generally inspires visions of a dreary parking lot or a bland sidewalk, but concrete can actually jazz up your life by improving the interior and exterior of your home. Offering incredible strength and versatility, concrete shouldn't be your last choice but your first consideration for many home projects.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors are nearly indestructible, and they offer you a chance to add unique design elements to your home. Stained and stamped concrete give you more options than standard flooring and carpeting. Concrete can be tinted, polished and sealed, making it look like an expensive choice, but, in fact, concrete flooring is quite affordable. Adding more sophisticated finishes often cost around $5 to $8 per square foot and can make concrete look like more expensive substances like marble or natural stone. Various patterns can be added as well, so even your high-end home can easily use concrete and still project a designer aesthetic.

Concrete floors are easy to maintain and have another advantage: they are excellent for people who are in wheelchairs. The smooth, hard surface won't show the track marks and is generally easy to navigate as long as the surface is not too smooth.

Concrete Patios

Since concrete is one of the best indoor/outdoor substances around, you can use it for your patio and get the same type of benefits that you get from concrete flooring. It can withstand the elements while tolerating abuse from your children, grandchildren, and barbeque grill. The patio can have the same type of decorative touches applied as well. In fact, you can have your interior choices reflected in your outdoor living space. Stamped concrete patterns will make it look like you spent a ridiculous amount of money, impressing your family and making your neighbors envious. Since the concrete is one surface, you will not experience the uneven settling of paving stones or the weedy openings of brick.

If you still think of concrete as a dreary, prison-like substance, you need to reconsider. Concrete can be a colorful and elegant choice of material for both inside and outside your residence. It can add a level of sophistication that you might not be able to afford otherwise. If you've always wanted a marble floor but couldn't fit it into your budget, concrete is the answer. When you choose carefully, your children may be enjoying your flooring and patio decades after you are gone. Contact a company like Oesterling's Concrete Co Inc for more info.


Getting Bids From Concrete Contractors

After we bought a home that had a large, completely unfinished RV pad, I realized that we needed to do something to fix it up. Instead of leaving it barren and ignoring the weeds, we decided to start getting bids from concrete contractors. We got bids from about ten different companies, and it was really great to hear what they could do for us. This blog is all about getting bids from contractors, knowing how to compare pricing, and avoiding issues with concrete. By taking a few extra steps, you might be able to completely avoid concrete problems and paying more than you should.