The Pros and Cons of Ready-Mix Concrete

Posted on: 23 August 2016

If you are looking to lay your own patio or walkway around your home, you have a decision to make when it comes to your concrete. You can either have ready-mix concrete delivered to you, or you can mix your own. There are pros and cons to both methods, and what is ideal for one person may not be right for another. Learning about the advantages and disadvantages will help you make an informed and educated decision as to which is best for your home-improvement project. Here are a couple of the pros and cons of using ready-mix concrete.

Disadvantages of Ready-Mix Concrete

A Higher Cost

One of the biggest downsides to ready-mix concrete is the cost. You are paying a company to mix the concrete properly and then deliver it right to your house. This convenience comes at a price. Generally speaking, ready-mix concrete may cost about to 10 to 15 percent more than concrete you mix yourself. If you are on a tight budget, this may not be ideal for you.

Harder to Get in Tight Spaces

The other major disadvantage to ready-mix concrete is that a large truck has to deliver the mixture to you. If you live on a narrow street or in an area with truck weight requirements, a heavy-duty cement mixer filled with concrete may not be able to fit down the street or may exceed these weight requirements. If you are considering a ready-mix concrete service, be sure to let them know about any narrow streets, bridges, or weight-restricted roads, or else your concrete may not be able to be delivered.

Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete

Your Concrete is Consistent

One of the biggest benefits to ready-mix concrete is that your entire batch of concrete is consistent. When you mix concrete yourself, you have to add water until the mixture absorbs the water and has the correct consistency. However, you may add a bit more water to one batch than another because you don't measure when doing this task. When you get ready-mix concrete, your entire batch of concrete is mixed together, ensuring it is consistent. This helps ensure the concrete dries at the same rate and has the same thickness and durability.

Tends to Set Faster

The other advantage to ready-mix concrete is that it tends to set faster than concrete that you mix yourself. This means it begins to harden faster. If you are worried about pets walking across the concrete and embedding footprints in it or just want it to dry faster so you can begin using the surface sooner, a ready-mix concrete may be the better option for you.

If you are looking to lay your own concrete surface, you will have to decide between concrete you mix yourself and ready-mix concrete. Learning the advantages and disadvantages will help you make the choice that is best for you. Contact companies like New Interstate Concrete for more information. 


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