Qualities to Look for in a Commercial Concrete Contractor for Your Construction Business

Posted on: 17 August 2016

Owning a construction business means being able to subcontract different types of work so you can keep your clients happy while landing larger jobs. You will want to find quality experts in a variety of fields to help you complete your large commercial and residential contracts. For example, you will want to hire electricians, plumbers, and even concrete contractors. Since your initial builds will nearly always require the pouring of a concrete foundation, it's important to have a concrete contractor you can trust to do a reliable job that you and your customers can enjoy. Here are qualities to look for in a commercial concrete contractor that will work with your construction business.

Experience in custom designs

Commercial concrete contractors don't just pour foundations and form stairs; they should be able to perform custom flooring jobs as well. Choose a commercial concrete contractor that specializes in polishing, designing, and installing custom flooring that is commonly found in conference rooms, restaurants, and more so you can increase your client base.

Connections to future work

If you can find a commercial concrete contractor who isn't already performing subcontracted work for another construction company, all the better. You want to create a team of sorts between your business and theirs so if you find concrete work you can pass it on and vice versa. A commercial concrete contractor, however valuable, who is committed to subcontracting with another construction company may not be able to send work your way and may even be tied up in a strict schedule that can make them more difficult to work with. Before working with any commercial concrete business (or any other subcontracted professional), make it clear how available you need them to be for current and future projects to avoid any confusion.

Reputation in the community

Before choosing any commercial concrete contractor, speak to local businesses that have used their services to see how satisfied they are with the work they have had performed. Check out current and past projects so you can see the work completed, as you want to make sure concrete work is done to your expectations and quality. A positive reputation for a subcontractor is just as important as having a stellar reputation of your own, so keep this in mind as you represent the companies you work with on your own jobs.

Subcontracting concrete work as part of your construction business is a great way to get more clients and expand the work your company can provide. Be diligent in what you expect from a concrete contractor for commercial work, and you can create a great partnership with a reliable and skilled company. Call companies such as Burns Brothers Concrete Construction Corp to find one that is a good fit for you.


Getting Bids From Concrete Contractors

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